It also requires a decent but of obscure game understanding

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It also requires a decent but of obscure game understanding

I'd personally keep playing with it. If nothing else because you are RS gold able to get the satisfaction of filling logs far much faster.

Folks are probably sleeping on this but Leagues will be probably the ideal way to learn TOB and Nightmare mechanics because you have more margin for error and teams are likely more accepting of errors. That's invaluable since its essentially impossible to really locate experienced teams ready to develop a newbie and soloing things too time consuming

I can see how it's fun for casuals and individuals with not that time that are stuck in mid-game in the actual OSRS and did not experience a lot of the end-game content.

For me though, it merely looks like a personal server with Jmod abilities and instant gratification. I honestly wouldn't feel good about completing GWD in a few days and destroying every boss without effort.

I know this sub has a fucking heart attack any time double exp is said, but honestly double exp weekends occasionally would put me back into playing the game than anything.Leagues has been a good deal of fun, but man I'm so bad at playing region locked Ironman lol. Every time that I develop a plan I hit a roadblock.

Personally, I will go as far as to say that is the most fun I have ever had playing the sport. I've played through almost every iteration of RS besides classic, played all the good and bad and I will still say after 15 years this is the most fun.

It also requires a decent but of obscure game understanding, and some people don't want to look up the wiki every other min.

It is something like 15 hours of grinding in the first place before you get to a lot of the fun stuff.I think I moved in without any kind of buy rs gold paypal strategy, the feeling of being a newb again was nice but it's has not gone away yet...