I believe that the absence of a good madden game for the past decade

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I believe that the absence of a good madden game for the past decade

(Stats and precision ) I left another QB on the Panthers and I am about 7 matches in and im manually saving after every game. As far as stats go it is still bad that's a BIG deal for me cause I like realism. I have Christian Mccaffrey on my group so I attempt to get him the ball alot...I perform on All-Pro and also 89 carries Mccaffrey includes 252 yards that's 2.8 yards a carry. I went to test to determine were other running backs were and Mccaffrey has Mut 21 coins the smallest yard/attempt than any starting RB in the NFL he's a 99! . Like I said prior to the drops are crazy and I think it's funny they took the drops of this season stats because I truly believe Robby Anderson would have just as much falls as catches. I checked mid game (it shows drops throughout the game) and Robby Anderson contains 5 DROPS, also Delanie Walker had two so theres 7 drops in 1 half I'd 9 incomplete passes.

I just want superstar mode back!!! If they made madden 05 but with ps4 images it is by far the greatest Madden ever. Even Madden 08 where based on your performance in the combine it determines your general and also you may do the iq test and have an agent. It is just disappointing.

An additional thing Madden could do would be get ride of there hollow practice mode and make it into something such as UFC were the preparation means alot. Like we can have jobs mid-week like research there defense and work on cash plays thay gives you ability points and then you could allocate the stage to other players on your team for the week. From the NFL that week before the match Is Essential to what happens on Sunday

I do think that is much better than Madden 17-20 but there's still SO MUCH things they could do I hope EAs on the right track after becoming completely embarrassed by the general public but hello....its Madden. Great write up, but"hey, it is Madden" is the complacency which EA is banking on clients believe.

It's the hottest sport in america and honestly I believe that the absence of a good madden game for the past decade has made much less of soccer fan. I'm 23 so I grew up enjoying NCAA street to glory and celebrity mode and the immersion is just gone. I remember loading Madden 13 (the first year they included connected franchise) and I was like wtf is that? And it's gotten worse lol. I am a career style player (in every sports title)never messed with supreme team and I feel like I am last of a dieing breed. I switched over to 2k and also the match has its flaws but atleast they put effort into mycareer and I think that is what made me accompany basketball more then soccer since like 2014.

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