Desirable Health Benefits of CONTUO Height-Adjustable Desks

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Conversely, when they were asked to go back to their old work desks, their moods dropped, returning to the levels they felt prior to the study.

Sitting too much is seriously bad for your health. This is a major problem for office workers, because they sit down for most of the day. Fortunately, Adjustable Table are becoming increasingly more popular..

A reduction in back pain

Backaches and pain are common complaints among office workers. Lower back pain, is related to stress – both physical and psychological.

Studies have shown that employees suffering from chronic back pain benefit greatly from standing desks. Another study published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showed that standing desks can reduce upper back and neck pain by as much as 54 percent in just a matter of four weeks.

Of course, the reverse is also true. Once standing desks are removed, the benefits gained from flexible or height-adjustable desks can be reversed in just two weeks by going back to extended sitting.

Height-adjustable desks improve well-being

In one seven-week study, users of height-adjustable desks were said to have experienced less stress and fatigue compared to those who worked seated every day.

Moreover, 87 percent of those who were asked to use standing desks said they felt more energetic overall.

Conversely, when they were asked to go back to their old work desks, their moods dropped, returning to the levels they felt prior to the study.

The results of this research confirm the connection between a sedentary lifestyle and a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety.

Adjustable desks increase productivity levels

For those who are unfamiliar with using height-adjustable desks, one primary concern is that they can negatively impact a person’s ability to perform routine tasks such as typing.

However, for those who have successfully transitioned from working seated full time to using height-adjustable desks, there has been no significant impact on their ability to perform the same tasks, including typing speed.

Moreover, because of the mood-boosting effects of standing desks on users, it is fairly certain that they boost productivity.

Preventing unhealthy weight gain

If you’ve ever envisioned a couch potato then you know exactly what this means. Staying seated all day, no matter how busy the mind and typing fingers are, doesn't do the body any favors with regard to calorie burning.

Sitting may burn between 60 and 102 calories per hour (these figures, of course, depend on your weight), while standing will burn roughly seven to 10 calories more.

The small difference in caloric burn may not seem significant. However, the difference can add up if you consider how it accumulates over a week, month or year.

Boost Your Productivity

One common concern among those interested in a standing desk is the ability to complete daily tasks such as typing or answering phone calls. Working while standing may take some getting used to, however, there has been no negative impact on daily activities reported by those using standing desks.

The boost in mood and energy, as well as the reduction in back, shoulder, and neck pain, is likely to improve productivity and mental alertness. When the body as a whole is in better shape, it functions more efficiently and it can be reasonably expected that this would in turn boost productivity.

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