Also the gate opens and you can go into combat the opponent

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For routine trading- Same feature, but, you might search your bank by registering at... Oh let's say whether the buyer was looking for a RuneScape gold particular sort of arrow... There will be a distinct bar set from the normal Shop space that permits the user to enter the key word of this thing of the person is looking for and it can get into the bank if you know you have it, however it isn't on your inventory. However, at this point, in addition, it prevents scams if utilized. You'll also have to acces your own Bank Pin to receive your offer up ( this goes for only people taking items or cash out of the bank).

Proceed to the Head Guthix Architect and he lets you know this is one of the three idols they've discovered, also he says they all look like the symbols of their gods. After extensive talking and a split-screen of the start of the war involving Saradomin and Zammorak, the Guthix Architect informs you to preserve the idols (in other words mend them). To correct the Saradomin Idol (will end up Saradomin sword through the god warfare if you picked sara as your god) you want to utilize 5 mithril bars, two gold bars and 10 sapphires around the idol, and then you enchant it with Buy old school rs gold lvl 3 Fragrant. To correct the Zammorak Idol (will end up Zammorak Warhammer/Battleaxe during the god war in the event that you chosen zammy as your god) you want to use 4 silver bars, 1 gold bar, 10 rubies, and 4 crimson topaz on the idol and enchant with lvl 3.