The main difficulty here IMO is that a few people wish to perform the event for those rewards

The main difficulty here IMO is that a few people wish to perform the event for those rewards


You still have over a month to get this done. I understand that it sucks but if you're attempting to complete it all in the week of discharge, is it RS gold really their issue? Or is it yours? We don't even know the archaeology tasks. Since nobody will need/have high archaeology levels they'll be simple. No 1 is forcing you to purchase anything. I did the yak track not purchasing a bond that is single and that I did use my 2 skips. I am doing this yak monitor the manner. Ya certainly are a lot of players because something is not your way, crying and whinning. Tired of the shit. If you believe you need to buy a bond or pay with money. You got problems you need to consult with a mental health professional and talk out your issues.

I believe you're missing the point, they don't force you to do anything. Stop being such a moron, nobody is suggesting that whatsoever. What I mean is that they are currently making tasks arbitrary. The period is time anybody. However, the simple fact that it's there begs thy e question what benefits would there be if it had been purely throughout gameplay. Jagex is milking the participant base in each and every way.Let me quote you. "the issue is that they're making grindy tasks, so you purchase tokens to bypass it all."

Runescape has been a game. That shit isn't new. What is there to complain about? Perform RuneScape your way and those who enjoy the yak track and it will play. Personally, I don't mind the tasks.. Breaks me out of a regular. There is still left 38 + times. Why does everyone want immediate gratification all of the time? What is the rush?

The main difficulty here IMO is that a few people wish to perform the event for those rewards, because Jagex made it very limited in the way you can progress however, the event itself is not enjoyable to them. To quote you -"drama RuneScape your way" I believe must still be permitted in an event such as this. They should let you do other RuneScape skills/activities to finish the steps at a slower speed IE instead of stringing bows or producing summoning pouches, you can say train RC rather but you would finish the job at half the speed or less in terms of relative gameplay time required. I feel as if they mainly did it this way though to alter it up from every other"profit event currency and you get more doing x activities" kind of event like the one that just ended.

It shouldn't be to the aggravation of the players or feel to be an egregious quantity of work, although I also feel that this event has been attempting to make people move out of their way to do which is cool. I would also like for it to have tried to revitalize and also have gamers go do content that is pretty much only"dead" now, like some of the minigames or less farmed bosses, rather than only general RuneScape skilling that most folks either enjoy or hate. This was a fantastic chance to have people see what interesting and different things RS has to provide they might not have known about or formerly had a motive to try, but rather Jagex decided to have people preform mundane tasks that may or might not be appealing or even useful to the participant. If you prefer the mill and you also find it fun excellent, however there should be more options so that people can do things they like because, you know, games should be enjoyable.

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