Rewards details after summoning and defeating WoW Classic TBC Brewfest Boss

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The Oktoberfest theme event in WoW Classic TBC is now underway. It feels cool for players to join here, but not only that, but there are also Boss waiting for you, and of course, there are a bunch of rewards waiting for you. We have got all the detailed information about WoW Classic TBC Brewfest Boss and what you can get from him.

The Boss in question is called Coren Direbrew, and he is an elite level 73 Boss. Below we detailed how to find and summon him, and what he can drop.

Boss location and how to summon Coren Direbrew. You will find Coren Direbrew at Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths, so go there and start the mission to defeat him. You can summon him once a day in the room next to the boss of Grim Guzzler. The task you are looking for is called Insult Coren Direbew, and it has a minimum level of 65. Accept it and you can start working hard to get the rewards it provides.

Defeating Coren Direbrew will drop some very valuable items for you to collect. The main thing most of you will be interested in is mounts. they are:

Great Brewfest Kodo
Swift Brewfest Ram

Otherwise, other rewards for defeating the Boss of the Wine Festival in the World of Warcraft classic TBC are trinkets and weapons. This weapon is called Direbrew's Shanker. It is a level 115 dagger. We have listed the trinkets below:

Dark Iron Smoking Pipe
Empty Mug of Direbrew
Coren's Lucky Coin
Direbrew Hops
Balebrew Charm-This summons The Black Brewmaiden
Brightbrew Charm-This summons The Brewmaiden, healing you party every 2 seconds

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