Let's look for the entrance to the blood furnace of the WOW TBC Classic.

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Since its official release, World of Warcraft has been a classic MMORPG in the minds of many players. In the past 17 years, the world of Azeroth has undergone tremendous changes. New content is regularly added to World of Warcraft through patches and purchasable extensions to the base game. Players may appreciate the new content of their beloved game. However, the new content brought major changes.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade provides players with new areas to explore in Outland. Players can explore to find the entrance of the blood furnace. WoW, Classic players can now upgrade their characters to level 70. Choose Buy TBC Classic Gold from the mmotbc.com website to achieve the fastest upgrade time. Players need to choose from the Draenei and blood elf races to obtain various flying mounts.

Players will encounter Hellfire Citadel before entering the Hellfire Peninsula. Finding the correct location will be difficult. Especially for players without sufficient experience, it is very difficult to achieve. According to the game map, 7 areas can be explored. When players pass through the Dark Portal for the first time, they will spawn in Hellfire Peninsula. Hellfire Peninsula is one of the only habitable lands in Outland.

In the center of the Hellfire Peninsula area, players can enter the Hellfire Citadel. Hellfire Citadel contains several encounters and boss battles for players and their teams to solve together. This is a team battle. The combat effectiveness will be severely lacking in the battle. When combat effectiveness is lacking, players can choose to Buy TBC Classic Gold. The second wing of the fort contains the Bloodforge encounter. To access it, the player needs to travel along the walls of the Hellfire Citadel.

Running along the city wall all the way north, then part of the city wall will have two fire pits emitting green flames. Congratulations. these green flames are the entrance. On the map, the entrance to the Blood Furnace is located at the bottom left of the Hellfire Citadel's tower symbol, just above the horizontal wall. Enter the portal between the green flames and pass through the entrance of the Blood Furnace in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.