Notably Collaboration Outfits And Layered Wear

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Gosh, this looks so complicated. On the one hand, kudos for keeping the game intact so there will not be a riot over fluctuations people do not like. However on the flip side, since they're remaking base Meseta pso2 visuals anyway, I wish they'd only go 100 percent and synchronize personality models completely. Giving old players some free style items and unlocks would be enough to bribe everyone to accept the new system.

Synchronizing 100% character models does not sound easy. The dilemma is that the old outfits and coating use are modeled to match the old pso2 body. That is unlikely to occur. I mean that I'd be willing to drop a certain proportion of these cosmetics to keep things intact around variations. As long as there's a continuous feed of cool new things to replace it, I don't mind. I always rotate out my old looks anyhow. So long as the character versions translate 1:1 it'll still feel just like mine.

I would envision a massive complication to that involves a great deal of the makeup from the Japanese side of things that were exclusive to collaborations, promotional events, and events that no longer exist. The instance I can think of is the Monster Hunter Frontier Z cooperation where I can envision the clothing and weapons could unquestionably be given a visual update together with everything else but that I do not exactly know how Cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the licensing or how the legal side of this collaboration works where I'd wish it had been as easy as Sega going through and upgrading the resources but I don't know about just how much of Capcom is involved in this procedure.