The risk factor of ISO 9001 and its significance.

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With the introduction of ISO 9001 in Bangalore, some sort of confusion with the risk control has also been noticed.

With the introduction of ISO 9001 in Bangalore, some sort of confusion with the risk control has also been noticed. Even though SWOT Analysis is continued to be used but after assessing of the existent risk, the process or basis for assessing its significance has not been stated in a clear manner leading to heavy clashes between the rules of the standard.

The importance of risk control for Quality Management System (QMS).

The basic process of risk control is to identify the risk, decide on its control measure, and assess its effectiveness. However, according to the FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) Process, there are several other things also to consider while assessing the risk like what is its severity of happening and how early is it expected to be found or discovered. However, the severity and likeliness of happening of the specific risk is something that is important and must be considered. If the specific risk has a high level of probability of occurrence then, you as a company registered under ISO 9001 in Bangalore must be ready for its consequences or must try to prevent it somehow using certain safety measures. On the other hand, if the severity of the specific risk is very low or low and its probability of occurrence is also not likely then, its okay to rectify it only when it occurs.

The basis for identifying the severity or the likeliness of occurrence of the risk.

There are certain pre-determined criteria under ISO 9001 Consulting Services in Bangalore among which you as a company choose one and most importantly be consistent on it. Consistency is important because it indirectly facilitates towards the decision-making procedure. Also, decisions must be taken only after assessing which risk is a significant one and which does not ask for any action.

The final decision must be worth the procedure.

The FMEA Process is something that is truly effective and is quite versatile as it based on a 10-point scaling technique. However, assessing the significance of a particular risk under ISO 9001 Implementation in Bangalore can also be according to your individual way wherein less significant or less severe risks can be ignored as their effect might be acceptable for you as a company. Altogether, any process you choose must be worth your investment in terms of money or time or knowledge.

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