I think that the island development resources in New Horizons are great

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I think that the island development resources in New Horizons are great

Spoilers if you don't want to learn about possible future content updates, but dataminers have found code that is seemingly related to growing veggies and some form of cooking (DIYs maybe?) . I don't know the complete details, but this was posted some time ago, and I'd guess it would be coming around the time of the Harvest Festival if that is Animal Crossing Bells still something.

Yessss. Yeah a lot of these baseline characteristics and gameplay seems like it would encourage a feature like this, resource collecting and recipes etc, so it doesn't appear like a huge jump. If this does become a thing I'd be so pleased.

I was around 11 or so. I bought a Change to New Horizons (especially the NH special/limited variant ), so hopefully my input will be valuable.

I like New Horizons, but the issue that lots of players have is that the continuing issue the creature personalities are a good deal more bland than the old games. If you watch footage in the Gamecube version, you will observe that animals were a lot more"spicy" with respect to how they talked to you. In many cases, they were really quite rude - insulting you if you refused to assist them/do something for them. Now, this was toned down when Wild World premiered, but animals weren't overly friendly like they are in New Leaf/New Horizons.

I think that the island development resources in New Horizons are great, but my primary reason for enjoying the sport is to befriend my critters. There's no challenge to it because everyone is actually friendly off-the-bat, even the characters such as cranky/snooty (where they're intended to be stand-offish with you at first). It also feels like there is a lot of repetitious dialog in NH, in which this was not the case in the old games (not including City Folk or New Leaf).

They've also apparently removed a feature where animals would see your home at a specific moment. It was a wonderful way for players who do not have the ability to go online to get people look at their property. There was a consequence not turning up on buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket time: it'd make the animal angry and your friendship could take a slight hit.