Doubling the investment only doubles the yield

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Doubling the investment only doubles the yield

I dread whether the bot nuke comes (scheduled for july but who knows), prices could increase significantly. I recognize part of reason for RS gold the fall in c ball prices was the effigy nerf, but I believe that the return of bots drove prices down further. Perhaps I will be completely incorrect, but I really don't want to risk paying 300 or even 400 per cannonball. I'm also doing this since , I did it previously and it paid off. Whenever I heard about the initial bot nuke, I immediately fear bought 99 tried and herb and stored millions.

In this instance, you are making an investment that really should have nothing to do with how many cballs you will need for slaying. It is like how folks feel that mining ore, banking it, then smithing it's training 2 abilities at once with better efficiency - unless doing the two together somehow saves more money and time than doing both individually (e.g. if there is a furnace on the road into the lender that saves you the time of having to run to a furnace after banking), they should be treated as two individual events.

Since the advent of the grand market, items can be traded for cash easily, and can efficiently be considered the exact same thing. If you purchase 25000k 100k cannonballs and they climb to 300gp each, then you effectively have 30000k, which you can convert to money or use. Likewise, if the cannonballs instead fall into 200gp each, you may effectively have 20000k, which you can convert to money or use.

Doubling the investment only doubles the yield, if it be positive or negative. If you believe that cannonballs increases, then invest as much money as you need into them: the higher the investment, the greater the possible profit on buy osrs gold paypal whatever you do not end up using. If you end up buying fewer cannonballs than you require, then if they rise you will need to cover the rest in a greater cost.